I specialize in body shaping and Body healing.
My uniqueness lies in intensive, author’s technique leads to get quick and visible result from each session.


Remodeling slimming massage.
45 minutes session massage works with legs both sides, lower back, upper back, hands and stomach.
Professional cosmetics applied for better slimming and drainage effect.
relax AROMA massage. During this treatment, you will be relaxed and peaceful for a few moments, as well as oil massage with fragrant flowers will relieve your tension in a moment.
Yumeiho therapy.
A procedure takes around 60 minutes where uses around 100 different techniques.
massage by kneading and compression, and mobilization of the all joints in an original and pain-free way.

How does massage therapy work?

The effectiveness of the procedure lies in special manual techniques – stroking, kneading, vibration, tapping and rubbing; Stimulation of spasmodic muscles with their subsequent relaxation; The study of trigger points – areas with excess stress. Manual massage allows you to accurately identify problem areas, track the course of therapy and adjust the treatment program. To achieve a therapeutic effect, amount of sessions are usually recommended, depending on the severity of the problem.

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